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Menlo Park Academy


Grades: 9-12
Cost: Free

Hours: 8:50AM-3:30PM


All students: 67

  • AMI: American Indian or Alaska Native
  • ASI: Asian
  • BLK: Black or African American
  • HIS: Hispanic or Latinx
  • WHT: White
  • HPI: Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • MLT: Two or more races

Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) eligible: 64%
Teachers of color: 0%

  • Helps students graduate high school (credit recovery). Classroom is designed to teach many kinds of learners: visual, linguistic, kinesthetic, auditory & interpersonal. Small class sizes.
  • Offers Thai boxing, cooking & art. Childcare is available to students with children.
  • Busing is provided. Contact school for more information.
  • If interested in enrolling, visit the website or call the school.

Academic rating:
Alternative School

4-year graduation rate

* Groups with no data showing indicates there were not enough students to track for that group or data is not publicly available.